Related Searches Implementation – Prefixbox Documentation

Related Searches

In order to get started with any Prefixbox module you will need to first implement the free Site Search Analytics. Click here to learn more about the process.

Getting started with Related Searches

1. Step – Our Customer Success Team Will Configure the Related Searches Modules

This configuration is done on the Prefixbox Portal, under your subscription.

2. Step – Additional Javascript Line Integration on the Website

The Prefixbox Customer Success Team will set up a one-line JavaScript plugin.js under your subscription.

When the JavaScript configuration is done, we will send you the unique snippet which you can add to your webshop.

3. Step – Css Configuration by Our Customer Success Team

The Prefixbox Team will configure the CSS (look and feel) in the Prefixbox Portal. The previously configured JavaScript line already contains the CSS, so you don’t have to add anything to your website.

4. Step – Related Search Section Activation by Our Customer Success Team

After the JavaScript line is inserted and the CSS configuration is done, we are able to display the following related search sections on your webshop:

  • 2 Related Keywords sections on the SERP (keyword box above and below the search results).
  •  1 Related Products section on the SERP (below the search results)
  •  1 Related Keywords section on the “0-results” search page
  •  1 Related Products section on “0-results” search page (below the Related Keywords section)


When the Related Searches feature is activated, you will be able to see the Related Search Analytics in the Search Analytics dashboard in the Prefixbox Portal.

Developer requirements

The Related Search feature doesn’t require any development work from your side, once you already have the Site Search Analytics integrated.

We are happy to provide any additional help, free of charge.

Estimated effort

1 hour